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"...Easy to follow and profitable..."

What was the BIG obstacle that held you back from following a successful trading strategy?

Time - I have a very busy job.

Phil takes you through everything you need and will answer all your questions as you go. The trades can be set up before the market opens and you just need to keep an eye on them

Steve C.

AntiVestor™ Member

"... It is proving to be extremely accurate and profitable. I am also learning while making profit..."

What would be another benefit about Phil's AntiVestor™ Alert Service?

It saves me from having to spend too much time at the charts. It is proving to be extremely accurate and profitable. I am also learning while making profit.

Steve R.

AntiVestor™ Member

"...This is easy to follow - AND profitable..."

What did you find as a result of using Phil's AntiVestor™ Alert Service?

There was no need to do the homework, it was all done. Alerts were sent, received, trades/orders were put on and that's it, no management unless stated, the alerts include any "house work" when needed.

Rob C.

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$1,000 to $100,000 Trading Challenge
has evolved into what we now refer to as 
"...Get Paid Weekly..." from Index Futures

We are currently recording the updated version of the strategy as of Sept 2019

1-day LIVE Training Event - Fully Recorded

The live training has been held.

Over 4hrs hours of recordings have been broken down into modules which are available immediately after registration. 

The Basic Chart Reading Skills You Need

We'll show you how to properly read the charts on the 60-minute stock-index charts using our specific strategies and analysis.

Our Proprietary Trend System to Determine Direction Easily

Our super-simple proprietary trend following system makes it easy to determine which way the stock-indexes we are tracking is going consistently.

Mechanical Entries, Exits, Stops & Targets

We'll show you the specific rules we use to get us into a trade correctly, manage the position and get us out of the trade when the time is right.

Simple Discretionary Entries, Exits, Stops & Targets

In addition to our specific rule-set for this system, we'll also be showing you our discretionary rule-set and trade entries, exits, stops and targets.

Private Slack Group Access for Daily Real-Time Updates & Support

We will give you PRIVATE access to our 100k Trading Challenge Slack Group.

(Accessible via smart phone application or desktop)

You can follow along with every trade entry, exit and alert in Real-Time during the $100k challenge AND get support with your own $100k Trading Challenge journey.

About Mr Phil Newton

You don't have to spend all day looking at chart to trade effectively

When I first started out I was 12-years day trading and flicking through chart after chart - watching every up and down tick.

This is such a stressful way to trade, sure its profitable, but your health and sanity is the price you will pay every single day.

These days both myself AND my students find filter and sort stocks with a simple systematic method which can be done in 20-30 mins per day.

Oh and its profitable. I always forget that part lol

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