[AV Trend] - CF - June, 25 2019 - AntiVestor.com

[AV Trend] – CF – June, 25 2019

Ahoy there Trader, Its Phil…
This stock has been in a range and has recently broken up and out. I am entering on the small pullback that developed after the break out.
Targets are based on the height of the range added to the break out high.

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Name – CF CF Industries Hldgs Inc
Direction – Bullish

This is what I’m planning…

Stock Trigger Price – $47.90
Stock Void Price – $46.00
Stock Projection 1 – $50.45
Stock Projection 2 – $55.65

Option Strike – $50.00
Option Expiration – Aug 16 ’19
Option Price – $1.90 (Approx. TBC @ Trigger)
Option Target – $5.90
Option Loss Exit – $n/a
Option Strategy – Single Call

*Keep it simple
*Wait for the trigger – conditional order set up
*Options are typically 1 strike OTM
* I typically enter on the mid price


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Investment Disclaimer

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– While I am trading these positions they might not be right for you

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