Be wrong & still make 29.2% ROC -

Be wrong & still make 29.2% ROC

This is one of the things about doing what I do the way that I do it

You can be wrong – at least initially – and still get paid

QCOM was one of those trades for me where I did everything I could to ensure that my premium alert members saw a reasonably fast profit

But sometimes you just have to wait

This stock move a little way in my favour initially THEN spend the better part of a couple of weeks dithering on the wrong side of OK

Now this is in fact just fine as part of the methodology I teach and use myself for your alerts – the timing looked good in real time but didnt work out straight away

Traditionally this is where you get stopped out and start blaming everyone and your broker for screwing you

With these methods we just sit patiently and wait to be right – as long as my view point hasnt changed we usually have around 35-40 days to “manage the position more effectively”

QCOM – I was wrong and still got paid 29.2% ROC

As you can see on the image, we also closed HCA for a 26.5% ROC

Oh and the best part is that I spend the afternoon eating fish taco’s and supping cocktails because I refuse to be chained to the desk trading – and neither should you be…

Perhaps – my alerts will help you – perhaps they wont – but after 22-yrs of trading – I think, nay Im certain I’ll be doing what ever I want to do after my 60-mins a day trading and off to do something more interesting

If you sign up – before midnight today – and email me the secret phrase “Fish Tacos” (which is what I have just enjoyed with my wife yum) – I’ll hop on a mini training session to help you get up and running with the alerts

What are you waiting for…?

Consider this your personal invitation to start receiving my alerts every weekday – and eat tacos whenever you want

It is exactly like having your own personal research team – only better


Happy Trading
Phil Newton


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