The best thing since... 1912? -

The best thing since… 1912?

Which sounds better?

The best thing since the invention of sliced bread


The best thing since since 1912

I caught myself saying since “sliced bread was invented” a few times recently and I wondered how much of a compliment that saying actual was

Well it turns out that sliced bread was officially invented or was at least sold as sliced bread was around 1912 depending on your sources [thanks wikipedia]

But then how impressive is sliced bread even shortly after the turn of the 20th century?

There may be more impressive things – well.. [exasperated sigh] – and Im going to go out on a limb here an use the word – Definitely

There was Definitely more impressive things invented around 1912 and Most Definitely has been since then

With that said and done…

I can with confidence say that my stock alert service is without a doubt, and is quite possibly because it is one of the many things that was invented after sliced bread that could also be better than sliced bread

Simply because using it has allowed me to buy all the sliced bread I can handle for the last decade and a half and coming in at a cost of little more than two loaves a day its a bargain

I know which side of the bread my butter is on – do you..?


See you on the inside…

Happy Trading
Phil Newton


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