The Big Money Is Made In The Waiting -

The Big Money Is Made In The Waiting

Ahoy there, Its Phil…

The indexes are a wee bit dull to start the week off with. Which is also emphasised by the mixed directions and lack lustre moves by my small universe of liquid stocks

That said, everything seems to be moving (mostly) in the right direction.

Giving the last minute market excitement after a dull week last week I might have thought there would be a little flurry of excitement to start the week off… but no, not to be!

Ah well, this trading game is and never was fast paced and despite what all the flyers say. This is and always was a waiting game.

Im reminded of a line from Reminiscences of a stock operator;

The money is made in the waiting

Ive never forgot that as one of the first market lessons I learnt although these days it is attributed as a Charlie Munger Quote

Speak soon

Happy Trading
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