Change Log

Lesson 1 Module 1

Aug 2020

1 - A concise text version of the swing monthly strategy is on its way - see the quick start modules

2 - Paid weekly video and text quick start will follow - it is in essence the same strategy applied to a small list of stocks - AAPL - XPO - BYD - other contenders include AMD - MCO - NVDA.

Ive resisted going full throttle while we all become accustomed to the new developments.

3 - Updates to pullbacks and definitions - Ive essentially dropped the Bollinger band scan - it happened a long time before the recent events preferring to scan for spikes - which Ive also move away from

Im preferring - in most cases - reversal pullbacks - those little V shapes I likeā€¦
Price based pullbacks - small pullbacks as described in the profits training

3.1 - Time based pullbacks - New or rather a return to the use of Williams %R - 30 period - Ive referred to this as Pattern number 4 for many years

This is my current preferred scan - mainly because it is the most mechanical and has been the base for a lot of automation testing

e.g. - Bullish considerations
A - price in top 20% of the rolling 30 day range - look for bullish break outs - no change other than to ensure we are at the upper edge of a price range
B - price on bottom 20% of the rolling 30 day range - look for reversal pullbacks
- This is what Ive started to refer to as a time based pullback

4 - Mechanical Vs Visual trends
It is not one or the other - it is both
A visual trend is what we have done for the last 20+ years
A Phases trend is a more mechanical interpretation of where price is in related to moving averages

June 2020

Trend Phases introduced

Jan 2020

New strategy recorded and updated