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Trend Phases - A simple System To Determine & Trade The Trend

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Trend Phases Training

Learn the “…Trend Phases System…” and how to maximise the profit potential of every trading opportunity you find.

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11 Lessons

Trend Phases

Welcome to the trend phases system - this is a systematic process to uncover what the trend is as well as the phase of movement that is best for trading.

Trend Phases - Workshop

Learn the Trend Phases System

The three Phases are;

Phase 1 - New potential Trend - Often short-lived 7-10 bars

Phase 2 - Resting Phase (correction / pullback)

Phase 3 - Booming phase - long trend expected lasting days/weeks/months (depending on time frame

Trend Phases – Scanning For Explosive Stocks Workshop

Summary of the scan
The Perfect Swing Scan
Step 1 - Use Average Prices for direction
Step 2 - Look for 40 days in trend
Step 3 - Look for 20% up in the last 60 to 90 days
Step 4 - Look for 10% down in the last 10 days
Step 5 - Trade the next push & pullback