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Course Structure

Fishing v Farming

Big or small portfolio trading? The Pros & Cons

Whats YOUR Number - Its all about the risk

It's about how little you lose not how much you can make!

Do Stocks Just, Crash?

A look at crashes and what to do to protect against them

Strike(s) while the irons hot

Simple option strike selection

Hedging With Options

Hedging, what it is

How you can use options to protect again big weird-ass movement

Indicator Stacking

A different approach to using options

Targets 3 Ways

Targets 3 ways - 1. Patterns 2. Projections 3. Mechanical

Scanning For Stocks

Start with the end in mind

The Magic Of Delta

Cool ways to use Delta to make your trading decisions even better

A Deep Dive on Williams Percentage Range

A new and different way to use Williams %R

Lifestyle Trading - Its exactly what you imagine

How to build a trading lifestyle and what that means for YOU

The Woman In The Red Dress

Profiting from non directional moves in stocks

Rocket Stocks

Finding rocket stocks ready to explode

NEVER Follow The Herd

The crowd are always the last to know anything