How do you find the best stock tips for tomorrow? -

How do you find the best stock tips for tomorrow?

Back in the mid early to mid 90’s I was asking myself which stocks I should buy tomorrow? or what shares to buy now?

The funny thing about that is that I was searching for the answer to that question before I knew what the questions was.

Just like you, I would read and reread 1100 page books on technical analysis like Schwager on futures and McMillan on options. These are huge books full of dry information.

I remember this well, I was half way through Schwager on futures on a quiet sunny Sunday morning while working at Blockbuster video (remember them? I got in to this really early on hand drawing charts at 16, “Blocky” was my part time job at the time while I was at university).

Anyway, part way through I asked myself this very question;

How do you find the best stocks to trade for tomorrow?

how do you find the best stock tips for tomorrow

Come to think of it how do you enter into a stock position today? What I mean is that non of the books and experts ever talked about how to actually get yourself positioned on a stock or trade idea.

Sure the patterns told you what was setting up, but not a single book or resource at the time told you about the best stock tip for tomorrow let alone what stocks are good to trade today.

How do you actually put a trade on? From the patterns point of view that you are looking at. This is the timing of positioning yourself on a stock trade idea.

When I figured out which were the best stocks to trade tomorrow I started to talk about them on forums I liked all the way back in 2001 (I know Ive been around the block a few times since then).

You can read more about my main process to finding stocks to trade today. This is step-by-step guide to what I do every single day to find stocks to trade.

I also go through this process of finding stocks to trade every day on my daily video. If you let me know your email I’ll send you a reminder every day when the markets open so you can look over my shoulder while Im looking for stocks to trade for tomorrow.




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