How do you find the best stock tips for tomorrow? -

How do you find the best stock tips for tomorrow?

Back in the mid early to mid 90’s I was asking myself which stocks I should buy tomorrow? or what shares to buy now?

The funny thing about that is that I was searching for the answer to that question before I knew what the questions was.

Just like you, I would read and reread 1100 page books on technical analysis like Schwager on futures and McMillan on options. These are huge books full of dry information.

I remember this well, I was half way through Schwager on futures on a quiet sunny Sunday morning while working at Blockbuster video (remember them? I got in to this really early on hand drawing charts at 16, “Blocky” was my part time job at the time while I was at university).

Anyway, part way through I asked myself this very question;

How do you find the best stocks to trade for tomorrow?

how do you find the best stock tips for tomorrowCome to think of it how do you enter into a stock position today? What I mean is that non of the books and experts ever talked about how to actually get yourself positioned on a stock or trade idea.

Sure the patterns told you what was setting up, but not a single book or resource at the time told you about the best stock tip for tomorrow let alone what stocks are good to trade today.

How do you actually put a trade on? From the patterns point of view that you are looking at. This is the timing of positioning yourself on a stock trade idea.

When I figured out which were the best stocks to trade tomorrow I started to talk about them on forums I liked all the way back in 2001 (I know Ive been around the block a few times since then).

You can read more about my main process to finding stocks to trade today. This is step-by-step guide to what I do every single day to find stocks to trade.

I also go through this process of finding stocks to trade every day on my daily video. If you let me know your email I’ll send you a reminder every day when the markets open so you can look over my shoulder while Im looking for stocks to trade for tomorrow.

Mr Phil Newton

I help traders like you become more successful with practical mentoring and a well developed step-by-step trading methodology that you can follow around your current life commitments.

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