How High Is Too High? -

How High Is Too High?

Ahoy there, Its Phil…

Before we get going […You can see todays stock selection video here…]

Can these markets only ever go up?

Is it too late to buy? It’s never to later to buy, but will you be lest holding the bag when the music stops?

It is hard to deny that when the markets are going up you should be bullish.

At least for a short while.

But, as W.D. Gann said in my rather bastardised quote;

Always be prepared to change your mind

DIA looks like it is going to push higher once again and may well hit the heady heights of $215-$218 levels based on short term targeting (see image)

Pattern #4 flagged up for me this morning when I ran my scans which suggests that prices may well pop higher… but then 8yrs of “going higher” this isn’t really anything magical.

What is the trick of it is timing these moves. 😉

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