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I was wrong . . .

Ahoy there, Its Phil…

I remember back when I first tried to grow my trading account. I made some serious mistakes.

And if you’re attempting to dominate your trading, you might be making similar mistakes, like…

  • –> trying to uncover some hidden talent the top few have
  • –> controlling slippage
  • –> not choosing highly liquid markets

But you know what?

There’s actually a “right” way to get the job done…one that can also help you get free time back and accept losses like a zen master at the same time.

Here’s an effective technique you should try: Look back over the last 12-months (or 200 bars) and only trade in the direction of the dominant direction. This is what we do when selecting our picks for the AntiVestor Daily Alerts.

You might be surprised at how your accuracy AND your P/L ratio improves

Maybe this is going to be very different from what you do now. I don’t know.

But down the road, I know you’ll thank me.

You know, applying just this one tip – one of dozens found within AntiVestor System, really opened up the stock selection world for a lot of my customers.

I received this feedback just the other day:

“..my account is showing a nice 15% profit to date. Thank you” – Mike, AntiVestor Subscriber

Now, this is just one of the many nuggets, I’ve discovered. Stay tuned for more, or feel free to check out AntiVestor System.


Let me know how it goes for you

Until then, happy trading


Creator of the AntiVestor system

AntiVestor Trend Alerts

Mr Phil Newton

I help traders like you become more successful with practical mentoring and a well developed step-by-step trading methodology that you can follow around your current life commitments.

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