Keep Your Money -

Keep Your Money

Ahoy there, Its Phil

If it’s your last dollar – keep it because I don’t want it

From time to time I get people asking me the “if Im so good…” type of questions

You know the ones;

  • If your so good why dont you just trade?
  • If your so good why do you teach?
  • If your so good why dont you just give it away?

Ive done all of those things and more.

The interesting thing is that over the last 15 years of being a stock market mentor and teaching people how to be successful traders that last question is the tricky one.

You see, Ive given it away and I still do give away around 75% of everything I do.

Funny, eh?

The people who ask for it for free…

  • or a sample
  • or a deal
  • or an extended trial offer

They will NEVER see success with any method or system because it is themselves that are broken and not the system that they are attempting to use.

Those types of people will never actually use or appreciate what is given to them freely.

Those that do. Get it. I mean you REALLY get it!

You work hard, you ask questions and you never give up on you’re goals and desires.

…and yet the wana-be-trader will always want it free and never put any work in until they change the way they think.

Yup, that mind stuff again.

You have to really commit to something to see success at anything.

So if you are a whining “this doesnt work” type – Keep your money and ask yourself why it doesnt work.

Is it you or the system… its likely you.

If You’re like me and are a serious trader, Ive got a lot of time for serious traders.

I also appreciate that what I do isnt for everyone and if you just need pointing off in the right direction to get what YOU need from trading I’ll happily do that to.

Are you serous about succeeding at trading?

Hit reply let me know

Happy Trading
Creator of AntiVestor System

AntiVestor Trend Alerts

p.s – When you are ready there are three ways that I can help you achieve trading mastery;

1 – Done For You, Daily Research & Stock Selections For Trending Stocks.
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3 – 1-2-1 Mentorship.
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p.p.s. – Still have questions? Hit Reply

Mr Phil Newton

I help traders like you become more successful with practical mentoring and a well developed step-by-step trading methodology that you can follow around your current life commitments.

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