Stock Market. Options. Mentorship.

Helping YOU actively invest successfully NOW - without the 10-year learning curve

Watch this short video describing what to expect during your stock market mentorship

1-2-1 Stock Market Mentorship

  • Practical hands on trading from the first hour of coaching
  • Bite sized coaching session. No more overwhelm.
  • A TRUE stock market Mentorship program with immediately actionable strategy
  • 100% Success in application of methods guaranteed

Why Do So Many Traders Use Professional Coaching?

The quickest way to ANY success, and not just stock market success, is to follow in the footsteps of already successful traders who have demonstrated the level of mastery you are looking for.

By learning from a successful stock market mentor with  20+ years of experience. You too can save months and quite likely years of trial and error​




We show YOU how to trade smartly, contrary to how most people teach


Trade Strategically

We show YOU relevant strategic active investment strategies


Trade Management

We show YOU winning money management strategies


Trade Successfully

Ultimately, YOU are shown how to trade with time tested strategies

AntiVestor Mentorships Are Revolutionary

YOU learn simple & actionable strategies that are relevant in todays stock market

Realistic Probability Based Trading

Most investment text books teach your ideas that have been used for more than 100 years which have been proven to not work time and time again

To master the stock market today - We teach a realistic probability based approach that is actually relevant to the modern investment world

Step-By-Step Coaching

The mentoring YOU receive  is practical & from the very first lesson you will be "hands on" looking for and trading stocks.

YOU are shown exactly how to apply the theory in real time stock market conditions from day 1

Demystifying The Sums

For too many years this area of investment finance has used big numbers and fancy names to scare of the self directed trader - just like you and me

No more do you have to "figure it out". We have done all the heavy lifting and filtered through what works and doesn't work

More Coaching Details...

Need some more details?

Watch this short video outlining more information about why this stock market mentorship program is so good

Requirements & Next Steps

The prerequisites are;

  • That YOU have sufficient time to commit to learning to trade
  • We will need 60 minutes at least during the US stock market opening times
  • You can be on your 1st day OR your 10th year - past experience is not essential

Frequently asked questions


Can these strategies be replicated?

The short answer is yes.

The mechanics behind what we do is actually quite simple. The knowledge can be learnt with ease and the skill will develop with practice


What if I don't have the time to do things exactly how you describe?

The best thing about these methods is that they can be adjusted to suit your individual requirements.

You can trade around your lifestyle very easily with a few adjustments which we show you


How much can I expect to make?

This is not a simple answer. There are infinite possibilities and variables which will dictate the level of your success.

Feel free to call me and we can outline things in a little more detail based on your specific situation.


Why is your coaching different?

Most other programs provide what amounts to high class education material. It would still be left to you to process and understand.

We provide practical hands on training and coaching from day one.

This is skill based learning