Day Trading Stocks

Module 1 – Be the Master of the Universe

Module 1

Module Structure


Welcome to the AntVestor Day Trading Program

Lesson 1 - Master Of The Universe

  • Creating a stock universe
    • Not all stocks are created equally 
    • Penny stocks junk
      • Often Illiquid
      • Prone to halts
    • Looking for something that moves regularly
      • Or at least has the potential to move
    • Liquid.
      • Can get in and out at prices I want without slippage or stock halts
    • Easy to find something every day.
    • Filter out the worst stocks before you get started.
    • Do the stocks have options?
      • Get a list from Options exchange.
    • Are the stocks liquid?
      • >1 million shares traded on average.
    • Do the stocks move proportionally greater than the main S&P500 index?
      • The best kept secret that comes as standard
      • Beta weighting >1.5
    • Visually - clean chart / messy chart
      • Manually running through them all one time is beneficial if you have time.
      • Pull them off your list as you spot a donkey.

Lesson 2 - Download List

    • This is now the Universe of stocks you are interested in.
    • This should be approximately 500 stocks 
      • You’ll not need to make it larger.
    • If you want to make it smaller.
      • Increase volume average