Module 3 – The entry Pattern set Ups

Module 3

Module Structure

Lesson 1 - The Process

    • Lets get into the nitty gritty
    • This module covers the set up criteria.
  • Criteria
    • Gap Stock found from the previous scan.
    • Gap. >1.5% / 2%
      • Visual Inspection
      • Gap past previous days highs/lows
      • Gap past support/resistance.

Lesson 2 - Entry Patterns

  • The 3R’s which keeps you selecting the right set ups at the right time, every time.
    • 3R’s has nothing to do with pirates, although it will lead you to stock market treasures as if X did mark the spot.
    • Run - Retrace - Retest
      • Big spike. IB.
      • Big spike. Retrace (partially/fully into the gap). Continuation spike (retest)
      • Run. IB.
  • Times Frames
    • 10 min - 30 min - 60 min set ups.

Lesson 3 – Trade Examples

This lesson shows trade examples of before and after shorts for the trade so you can see exactly what I'm looking for on a daily basis.

I plan for this to be a trade repository and will be adding to these examples regularly.

Lesson 4 - Using pre-market price action

On this lesson, we will look at using pre-market trading to help evaluate good trading opportunities and gaps to potentially avoid.