Module 4 – Additional Skills & Swings

Module 4

Module Structure

Lesson 1 - The Trend Is Your Friend

  • The Trend Is Your Friend
    • Trade the gap or fade the gap?
  • The secrets of Trade it, Fade it, Evade it.
    • Gaps in trends - tend to run
    • Gaps in ranges - tend to reverse
    • Exceptions to every rule

Lesson 2 - Leg Into Multi-day Moves

  • Potential bag big multi day moves in trends
    • Determine trending conditions 
    • Gap ‘n Run opportunity to hold overnight and turn into a short term swing trade
    • Gap trades closing on or near their respective highs/low of the day are likely to continue onwards.
      • eg - gap down - trade on - close near low - potential to continue tomorrow.
      • eg - gap up - trade on - close near high - potential to continue tomorrow.

Lesson 3 - Shhh It's A Secret

  • A quick way to speed up or slow down 
    • Increase time frames
    • Decease time frames
    • Think of this like changing gears. 
      • The higher the time frame the slower the set ups develop.
      • The lower the time frame the faster the set ups develop.
    • It sounds obvious because it is obvious but most people do not realise this.
      • Especially when you are new
    • Which one is best?
      • Determine which is best for you and your circumstances.
      • If you continually miss set ups on a 10 minute chart, move up to a 30 min chart as your lowest entry  time frame
      • Shhhh Its a secret
        • If intraday trading is just not at all possible due to your current circumstances
        • The patterns here also work on daily charts.
        • This suit of patterns are also used in the swing trade stocks course and alert service.
        • The point here is to find a time frame that makes most sense for you based on your circumstances.