Road Rage Trading -

Road Rage Trading

Some jerk nearly ran me off the road earlier, all because he wanted to squeeze in between me and the car in front when there was clearly not enough space just so that he didnt have to slow down while overtaking a parked car in his lane of the duel carriage way

I could see him set himself up for this act of stupidity because like a self aware and responsible driver I am I make myself aware of what is going on in around and ahead of me and not simply inside of the steel box of combustable doom

Needless to say I leaned on the horn continuously the moment he came within 2inches of my wing mirror which by the way was the same moment he decided to put his turn indicator on – [like thanks for the heads up!?!]

Im quite certain I ruined his day as he swerved, braked, accelerated, braked again and generally weaved and bobbed while still trying to effectively put a square peg in a round hole by attempting to pull in front of me

I of course won – I was in right – although closing my eyes briefly also helped significantly

Consequently this jerk got a serious case of road rage and tailgated me for a while before the finger waging of his wife caused a move back to normal and much safer driving – I think he pulled over to shed a tear or two

While I am completely amused by the whole situation it did get me thinking

How many road rage type trades do you end up placing when things do not go quite your way?

If you do everything you are supposed to do you will most likely eliminate the rage

Just like if road rage dude had indicated I may well have slowed down to “let him in” because that is the safe responsible thing to have done and not to try and wedge in as he attempted to do

That is planning and if you plan ahead for your trades too you will avoid road rage or trade rage and many forms of collisions in a mobile Molotov

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Phil Newton


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