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"Every day I send you what stock  I'm trading AND why I'm trading It so that YOU can see how it's done every single day.

All you need to consistently beat the stock market is to trade small - trade frequently & follow The AntiVestor Method™"

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"...Easy to follow and profitable..."

What was the BIG obstacle that held you back from following a successful trading strategy?

Time - I have a very busy job.

Phil takes you through everything you need and will answer all your questions as you go. The trades can be set up before the market opens and you just need to keep an eye on them

Steve C.

AntiVestor™ Member

"... It is proving to be extremely accurate and profitable. I am also learning while making profit..."

What would be another benefit about Phil's AntiVestor™ Alert Service?

It saves me from having to spend too much time at the charts. It is proving to be extremely accurate and profitable. I am also learning while making profit.

Steve R.

AntiVestor™ Member

"...This is easy to follow - AND profitable..."

What did you find as a result of using Phil's AntiVestor™ Alert Service?

There was no need to do the homework, it was all done. Alerts were sent, received, trades/orders were put on and that's it, no management unless stated, the alerts include any "house work" when needed.

Rob C.

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About Mr Phil Newton

You don't have to spend all day looking at stock charts to trade the financial markets effectively

When I first started out I was 12-years day trading and flicking through chart after chart - watching every up and down tick.

This is such a stressful way to trade, sure its profitable, but your health and sanity is the price you will pay every single day.

These days both myself AND my students find filter and sort stocks with a simple systematic method which can be done in 20-30 mins per day.

Oh and its profitable. I always forget that part lol

You just need 1 daily stock Alert to Trade and...

Consistently beat the stock market


This is not for you if...

You are the type of person who is not ready to commit to their own success - the type of person who keeps bouncing around from "strategy-to-strategy" or the latest “push-button-solution” or knows “it all about trading & investing” BUT has "mastered none of it".

- Then this is not for you and you should leave now!


IF You are the type of person who is ready to make a solid commitment to yourself AND a solid commitment your family AND a solid commitment your future.

If you are the type of person that will commit 30-mins-per-day to start seeing a measurable improvement following a logical step-by-step method - You are ready to invest in yourself & develop with my support.

- Then this is DEFINITELY for You.

My name is Phil Newton and I am not a financial adviser or a Wall Street gooroo.

I've never worked in “the city” and my oh-so-general business degree isn’t worth the paper it is written on.

And while I have traded for and ran my own successful hedge fund (briefly, thankfully) is was significantly more hassle and significantly less glamorous than it is made out to be.

Mr Phil Newton

In fact, the only thing I do consider myself to be an expert in is actually making money and creating wealth from trading the financial markets be-it Forex, Futures, Stocks and more recently daily stock options trading.

- because I "do it" every single day 

I’m just a regular guy who has been studying and trading the financial markets for 20+ years and has been successful enough to be trading for a living full time for a living since 2001 (no, a space odyssey wasn't involved!).

You receive at least 1 daily stock options alert as an 

AntiVestor™ Member

1 stock options trade alert per day - that's all it takes to develop a rolling stock options portfolio, which is what I teach, and is precisely what you will receive via e-mail invest in your Daily AntiVestor™ Trend for Stocks & Stock Options Trade Alerts newsletter.

1-trade per day is easy AND something you can do too.


If you don’t like the look of today's stock options alert, another one will be along tomorrow - maybe two, once I sent out 6-alerts - BUT definitely 1 daily stock trade alert.

After adding your new stock trade options alert into your portfolio, 1 or 2 stock options might just be mature enough to come out of the portfolio because managing profits is what I do regularly which means my subscribers and I currently maintain a rate of  65% stocks closed profitable.

It does fluctuate of course and right now as I type this in May I maintain a rate of between 63.2% and 68.4% that have been closed profitable.

*figures accurate at time of writing May '18

I send out at least 1 daily stock trading alert over 20-trading-days per month...

I'm sure you can multiply it out for your specific situation AND I'm also certain you can see the potential of how this stock trade alert service will benefit you which is exactly why you are reading this in the first place as ONLY serious investment minded people like you would.

...and, it isn't just me who gets these results.

...and the list goes on [scroll to bottom for more]

Now You can also follow along with what I’m doing and You can learn how & see exactly what and when Im trading as Im trading it.

Have a question? - You simply hit reply on any of the alerts and you get a fast reply directly from me.

The process is really very simple.

Building consistent profits - through both up and down markets - requires two simple steps;

  1. Finds stocks ready to move soon, and
  2. Actively trade in those stocks

Do this and you will see positive results.

This is because the vast majority of people simply do not take even a passive roll with their investment decisions - which I know isn't you as you qualified yourself by reading on and that you are someone who is prepared to make a serious commitment - [can I get a high-5 to the monitor].


This is simply the best way to secure your financial future

  • It's low risk. By using stock options the risk is fixed, just like a deposit, you can never lose more than your initial deposit. This is THE most secure way you can trade today
  • It helps avoid the "Black Swan" events like the Enron's of tomorrow because the risk is fixed you will never have to worry over a stock crash or even a stock market crash. The reality is that if we do our job right together, you will actually profit from those events
  • Get paid even when your wrong. This is completely unique to this style of active investing and yes you did ready that right - Even when we are wrong we get to "manage the position" more successfully and often back into a small profit

Tap into your very own private stock research 

& stock options trading team - today

Here is a taste of some of the success already enjoyed by members from the AntiVestor™ trend Stocks & Stock Options Alerts newsletter that YOU can also can expect as a member - all of which were sent out in real time to existing members.

  • ADM - Archer Daniels-Midlands = +84.5%
  • BA - Boeing Co = +6.4%
  • CIEN - Cienna Corp = +239.5%
  • GE - General Electric = +70.9%
  • AXP - American Express Co = +41.8%
  • TJX - TJX Companies = +41.8%
  • GIS - Genl Mills = +216.5%
  • TXT - Textron Inc = +38.4%

This is the model portfolio from the alerts that are sent out daily.

In the chart below you can see two lines;

  1. Trading with a risk of $500 per position
  2. Trading with just 1 lot regardless of per trade risk

In both cases you can see a steady return from the systematic and methodical method that I teach.

All The AntiVestor™ Alerts are sent out 90-mins PRIOR to the stock market opening and are on the members blog several hour prior - Everyone can see exactly when Im doing in a timely manor.

*Correct as at Aug 2018

Side bar - You can see from the slope of the red line that that keeping a consistent positions size as a dollar amount ($500 dolls in this case) make a MAJOR impact to the returns before you even consider compounding profit.

The slope of the blue line is still profitable but because of the variable risk of simply trading 1-lot which could vary from $40 to $340 risk per position.

Either way this is still exceptionally profitable

Whats included In AntiVestor™ Daily Stock Option Alerts?
  • Done For You Research & Stock Alerts - Every Day Trader - Aims to find something to trade every day.
  • Done For You Research & Stock Alerts - Power Plays - These are the "Ones Worth Waiting For" Big moves are to be expected.
  • Option Strikes - My Entries, Exits, Targets - This will be what, when & how I'll be Actively Investing my own resources.
  • Stock Prices - Triggers, Voids & Targets - I'll be highlighting suggested levels for those that feel the need to spreadbet or trade the stock directly.
  • DFY Research & Analysis - Supporting your development as an Active Investor.
  • Detailed Strategy Guide - To help you learn & understand more about what, when & how to trade the strategies in use.
  • Stock Selection Software - A copy of my custom tools* so you can get an advance look at the stocks Im looking at every day.

(*Tradestation software).

...and the list goes on [scroll to bottom for more]

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"...Phil Is One Of The Big Power Players..."


The Foreign Exchange Trading Academy

"...You Have Found The Right Person..."

Arnaud Saint-Paul

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