Trading The Foxtrot: Slow Slow Quick Quick Slow -

Trading The Foxtrot: Slow Slow Quick Quick Slow

Ahoy there, Its Phil

One of the big problems with trading the stock market, or any market you like, is the waiting.

There is a heck of a lot of waiting around for things to happen, develop, generate and generally giddy-up.

Problems that this can cause is boredom and over trading because lets face it most people and especially new traders think that trading is clicking the mouse a lot of times in quick succession.

Which is the modern day version of shouting buy buy buy or sell sell sell like in the old trading pits.

The reality about successful trading is that you do a lot of waiting, which is exactly how stock market trading should be.

The big secret to all this (assuming you have a successful trading method already) is to pop your trades on and then dont touch a bloody thing.

The money is made in the waiting.

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