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"Since I've been in this program, I'm finally seeing results. I'm making small risk trades but am making a profit slowly but surely."

"...hearing other people who pick the same trades or agree with my reasoning meant i wasn't just guessing anymore."

Emily Cabral

SPX Income Trader

"Phil is a true educator and quite frankly, I owe my success and future success as a trader to him. He made me a trader."

"...I can't imagine a better solutions, peace-of-mind, for any aspiring trader knowing they made the right and effective choice."

Randall Kress

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"...Another 100% Winner!..."

Kevin J. M.

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A/C up 37.4% since starting

Jared M.

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A/C up 19.52% in 10 days. 

"...8 wins and 2 losses..."

Allan B.

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"...Easy to follow and profitable..."

"Phil takes you through everything you need and will answer all your questions as you go."

Stephen C.

SPX Income Trader

"...extremely accurate and profitable..."

It saves me from having to spend too much time at the charts. It is proving to be extremely accurate and profitable. I am also learning while making profit.

Steve R.

SPX Income Trader

"My trading is more structured, and sticking to the plan is more profitable than trading my opinion."

"...If you wants a structured, consistent trading approach & have fun along the way, Phil is your man."

Balvinder Purewal

SPX Income Trader

"I have learnt a system that will be my tool for trading for the rest of my life."

"...Phil has so much experience in trading, more importantly, he genuinely cares about helping."

Perry Taylor

SPX Income Trader

"I am no longer relying on luck! Just 2-weeks into my training, no other system has delivered as fast as this has."

"...Every time I look at the charts is is clear what needs to be done or when to stand aside."

Yannik Weiler

Production Line Trader

"Getting to know you and this community has been a game changer. I will look back on this time as pivotal."

"...Phil, you make learning the ins and outs of trading very much easier."

John Hall

Production Line Trader

"Working with Phil has completely changed my trading life."

"...I went from doing fairly but never really gaining much ground, to blowing it out of the water in 2-months following some simple rules. YTD, my total a/c value is over 100% returns!"

Brian Ankrum

Production Line Trader

"Thank You! My financial path will be turning a major corner of the next few years with the guidance you have given me."

"...You wont believe how hard it is to find an approach to the financial markets thats fits peoples lifestyle and risk profile."

Greg Plant

Production Line Trader

"...Phil has created and his system gives me peace of mind when my money is on the line..."

"...instructions are crystal clear and Phil delivers the material with a lighted hearted humor and passion."

Kyle Levac

SPX Income Trader

"I found a structure that worked and a trading foundation that produces winning trades."

"...Phil has a method that can be repeated time and time again with confidence."

Colin Hallwood

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"The best way I can describe this, is like taking the red pill from the Matrix and unplugging from the "conventional wisdom" and seeing the markets for the firs time."

"...Phil will give you assistance in all things trading."

Stuart Wood

Production Line Trader

"Whatever you spend with Phil will be returned multiple times over."

"...I've known Phil for over 10-yrs now, his live rooms, personal 1-2-1 mentoring, and his workshops. He is the real deal when it comes to trading and strategies as well as being a very genuine and down to earn guy."

Tony Terry

Production Line Trader