AV 001 – Resources & Tools

Lesson 6 Module 3


My Charting Software

Alternative Charting Software


My Brokerage

Alternative Brokerage

  • Interactive Brokers

*NOT tradestation as a broker - I was recently enticed back to them Jan-May 2020 and they both suck and blow at the same time.

Running multiple accounts side by side it is clear to see that TOS is a very clear winner in execution times & speed as wel as fees.

Brokerage Levels

For options trading it is essentially preferred to get "...full access..." so that you can trade singles and spreads.

  • Level 3 options account is required as a minimum.

I never trade "...naked..." which means to only sell or write options.

  • Level 5

I will obviously never condone lying, but as there is a questionnaire involved to gain access - it is wise to be "...liberal with the truth..."

Fore example, If you state you have under 5 years and plan to trade less that 5 times per month. 

It is likely you will not gain the access that is preferred.

You can reapply. So no big deal.

Scanning Tools

My Scanner

Alternative Scanner

  • TOS - can do what we need with the non demo account with full functionality.
  • - free & scanner - input the details into the search box and done - Pre-Built Scan here

Stock List

The Stock List

  • Download the spreadsheet - here

TradeStation Tools

A clone of my desktop

Ive not yet upgraded to version 10, I actually downgraded because its a bucket of nails and clunky.

*ONLY for new TS installs - it will overwrite anything you currently have as it reinstalls my of my backups. The good news is that it will "...just work..." with all my tweaks and modifications.

  • Install as normal then
    • file > backups > restore from backup

Custom Indicator List

  • ELD Fishing bundle - download here (include workspace)
  • Earning indicator - get the latest version from TS forums

*Load the indicators FIRST then open workshpace

Custom Workspace