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I help traders like you become more successful with practical mentoring and a well developed step-by-step trading methodology that you can follow around your current life commitments.

Vacation Time – Oct, 14-19 2019

Ahoy there Trader, Its Phil…
I will be taking a short and well deserved vacation for a few days. I deserve it.
You can reach me via the slack group if you have an emergency – But I plan to unplug as much as possible for a few days.
This is the first time in many a year, since 2015 in fact, when I started caring daily for both my parents who both recently passed.
Then followed a year of poor health and flare ups from my Crohn’s disease, which is now thankfully under as much control as I have with it again.
Yes, I am looking forward to a short break.



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[AV Trend] – JBL – Oct, 04 2019

Ahoy there Trader, Its Phil…
This stock is breaking up and out of a range – I am trading the pullback after the break out

Looking at lots of stocks again on the short list
Please join here –

Creator of;
The AntiVestor Method™

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[AV Trend] – BEN – Oct, 01 2019

Ahoy there Trader, Its Phil…

This stock has broken back into a previously well defined range. the opposite to a break out. – Targets are the same – mid point and upper edge of the range


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Creator of;
The AntiVestor Method™

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