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Go Slower & Get Profitable Faster

It may seem bazaar but going slower is not a new idea

The parable of the hair and the tortoise is one from most peoples childhood another popular saying which I always seem to bugger ups is something like “less haste and more speed”

Although the point is that trading and investing – just like any business – is like a long distance race and nothing at all like a sprint

Im sure you get it now

Anyway – I received a question in the mail bag from a long and adoring fanboy of yours truly which went along the lines of

“Phil, a quick question for you, would it be easy to make a scalping +20 pts for @YM to use between 7-9pm”

[note – YM is Dow future and the time is the 2hrs prior to close EST for my international readers]

A simple enough question but the answer is one that most people do not want to hear my response to this is below which I thought would help many people who are in a similar situation themselves

Go slower, not faster

If you have a trade window of 2-hrs every day – and you have been trying to “scalp” in that time window – which I might add is a bloody difficult thing for a pro to do let alone a noob to learn how to do from the outset – AND you have been at it for several years (well done BTW) BUT not yet made it work for you

… I think you have given that a good crack of the whip and it should be time for you to try a different method

Day trading is an all day job so if you do not have the time to watch 1 or 5 min charts to scalp a few trades at some undetermined time during the day – then you shouldnt do it – I spent 12-years doing it and the one thing I say say in day out was people with a VERY small time window to trade and FAIL at it regularly

Basically – you dont have time to scalp – so what do you have time to do?

Number 1 – You could start taking this trading lark seriously, less like a hobby and more like a business

How? – Look backwards – you have 2-hrs to trade and do research etc – so use the methods you like and go up time frames instead of down a time frames – going slower will get you profitable faster

My suggestion – is swing trading, go up the time frames and not down

It is not sexy – but it will make you less stressed over trying to find a “scalp” every day while still making money

See you on the inside…

Happy Trading
Phil Newton


Still need a little more help?

Taking the path of MOST resistance

The fastest path to profits is the line of LEAST resistance and I see a lot of traders and aspiring traders do the complete opposite and go for the path of MOST resistance.

I know, its simples right?

I teach all my Trading Apprentices this principal as one of the foundations stones because it then doesnt matter what TACTICS you use to get in the trade you will have a SOLID STRATEGY to start with regardless of the tactics

Awesome right?

Do how do you do it?

Well, let me tell you as it is very simple

Look Left

That is it and what you are looking for is a speed bump or a pause in price a cluster of bars where price action has stopped

That is a barrier or a prior logical stopping point as that is where price activity has stopped before – then there is a good chance that price will stop there again

This is where I usually like to set up most of my entries for the Premium Alerts too

Now for the hard part – you then NEED to;

Look up and left – if you were bullish
Look down and left – if you were bearish
You basically want to look for free space as you do this – are there there any speed bumps along the path you expect the stock price to move?

If there are the first one is where you can expect price to get to first [ob-vee-us-ly – – roll-ee-eye emoji]

Additionally, you are looking for as large a distance as you can to the next logical stopping point WITH clear clean price action ie. multiple consecutive up or down bars on that previous move to your entry zone

…because THAT is your path of least resistance

  • That is why my Trading Apprentices ALL report unsolicited success stories
  • That is why Im seeing 85.7% of my premium alerts closed profitable
  • That is why you can have absolute confidence in being able to follow in their footsteps and start your own success story
  • This is what I send out in the Premium Alerts – which is just like your very own personal research team

What are you waiting for…?

Consider this your personal invitation to start receiving Your alerts every weekday

It is exactly like having your own personal research team – only better

Get the next Alert – Take Action Today

…It is reassuringly inexpensive

See you on the inside…
Happy Trading
Phil Newton


Still need a little more help?

Do you crack one off every day?

Every day you should crack one off.

I do

…and I feel better for it and more importantly so does my account balance


Did you think I meant something else?

You did dint you?

I am of course talking cracking out a new trade on every day – what did you think I was talking about – pah!


One (trade) and then done for the day then tomorrow also one (trade) then done.

That is how it must go to see any success and to see the type of success we see in the daily alerts this is exactly what we do and it is what all professionals do

The professionals are not putting one trade on and then done for the month while they hope for the best with their one new trade and hoping that it works out – pinning all their hopes and dreams on that one trade to do well – for it to metaphorically head off to the big smoke and seek its fortune

Oh no, my dear and discerning reader. That will not work at all

Think about it like this for a moment – Let us say that you had a slightly different type of business and that you sold ladies shoes – [stay with me there is a really good point]

You would not hold only one pair of shoes in stock for you to sell in your shop or that when those single pair of shoes were sold you then orders a new pair from the supplier, popped them on your shelf and then hoped they sold quickly – ie. 1-at-a-time does not make a business

If that was your business you would be out of business very quickly and you can also see without any sort of business ak-you-min that it would be a bloody stoopid way to do business

Well in trading and investing that is the exact same thing as putting one trade on and then hoping for the best – with a “This time next year, Rodney” type of attitude

You only need to find one single trade every day – the best trade you can find AND…

…it MUST be a Cracker

This is what I send out in the premium alerts – which is just like your very own personal research team
What are you waiting for…?

Consider this your personal invitation to start receiving my alerts every weekday

It is exactly like having your own personal research team – only better

Get the next Alert – Take Action Today

…It is reassuringly inexpensive

See you on the inside…

Happy Trading
Phil Newton


Still need a little more help?

That time 1-trade kept me awake for 8-months

My first trade was in a UK stock call Waterfall which was a leisure company focusing on pool halls and sports bars

…and before I go further, I warn you now your sides may well split with laughter or a severe eye roll followed by a groan at my naivety

Anyway – I walked to the bank on a mild but sunny weekday

Yes, you read that right – I pedestrian’ed myself to my local bank to purchase some stock. 1-mile there 1-mile back

This was 3-days after my 18th birthday and I basically asked the cashier how to buy some shares in a company I liked

45-minutes later, several phones calls, paperwork filled in triplicate I had myself a carbon copy pink slip

and had my then life savings e-lec-tron-ic-ally sent to the City to seek its fortune

48-hrs later it was even more official, I was the proud owner of stock with a certificate to prove it curtesy of the morning post

That little bastard of a trade kept me awake for 8-months eventually, but not at first

Well, it definitely felt like I never slept and I’m quite certain that even at the heady age of 18 (and 3 days – hey it was important back then) my blood pressure rose to “she’s gonna blow” levels only seen by Scotty on the Enterprise

But, I was hooked…

and every day I would check the teletext (pre internet days people give me a break)

Almost immediately after my purchase it dropped from my purchase price of 54-pence to 53-52-50-49 and then eventually 48-pence and stayed there – that was when this shit got real for me

All I could think was;

“What what had I done?”

“Had I made the biggest mistake ever in my short life?”

“Would it come back?”

“I’ll give it one more day”

Every day I gave it one more day and I saw my paper loss turn and climb higher and two weeks later I was seeing a quick but small profit

Over the following weeks I saw it move quickly to around 72-pence

and I’m king of the world, look how clever I am but then I develop a worse class of problem than when I was on losing side

Now dont get me wrong it is a better type of problem – It is a high class problem

Daily I was consumed with that growing problem. It kept getting worse by getting bigger and then as it got bigger it gets worse

The writing was sadly not on the wall and nether was it on the ceiling at 3:27am. I know because I checked every day – “Ya know, just in case”

“When do I take profits?”

“I’ll give it one more day?” – continued for those 8-months along with high blood pressure, sleepless nights and exactly zero people to talk to about my unique problem

…because lets face it when you have exactly no clue what to do or what you are doing and when no-one knows what you are doing either – then its a problem

Thankfully my adoring reader – this story has an eventual happy ended

As the price crested £1.12 – I snapped (after leaving it one more day of course)

I left college at lunch fast walked, maybe I power minced at a pace that could qualify for Olympic trials. I most definitely did not run (that came later)

Retrieving my precious certificate with Golem like affection

Ran to the garage – hopped on my bike and pedalled as fast as my legs would pump

Stood in a queue for an obscene amount of time

made my request with the cashier (I know!)

endured several phone calls – filled out forms in triplicate and confirmed a price of £1.09 and 45-minutes later completed my first trade

I was a fucking wreck! – But, lets do it again!

That was when I knew what I wanted to do the rest of my life

It was also how I learned not to put one trade on and “hope for the best”

20-yrs later Im still doing it, quite successfully as it happens – trade small & trade frequently is the lesson

I think thats all for now
Happy Trading


Still need a little more help?

When the best laid plans go wrong – Take Profits

[The following is an extract from the premium alerts]

Sometimes the best laid plans simply do not come to fruition from the simplest things such as life simply getting in the way

I did indeed have every intention of closing some positions out as mentioned yesterday around 30-mins prior to close – but I got waylaid – distracted – ooo theres a squirrel and before I knew it the markets were tucked up in bed for the day

Such is life – and that is fine.

I am a firm believer in listening to that inner voice and sometimes I give it full control but that may be a story for another day

My point is that maybe my inner voice knew something that my caveman conscious mind didnt and gave me distractions

…because I what I do know is that I was sat at the computer the whole time and had AMPLE opportunity to close out

I simply gave closing those positions no thought at all – which is very strange for me, which you know Im very good at following my own advice

Perhaps the inner voice took over and hijacked me for a wee-while and Im fine with that and looking like a crazy person because in hindsight it turned out to be a good decision overall

The lesson here is that it is worth listening to that inner voice as there is usually a good reason why it is trying to talk to you and it does so in unusual ways like frickin’ mime artist with clueseses – Keep your eyes open



I do fully intend to close out the following

EXPE – Expedia Inc
Showing $4.85 per share profit on the option having reached target 1 and 80% of the way to target 2

TGT – Target Corp
Showing $3.30 per share profit on the options and reached target 1

XLU – S&P Sel Utilities Spdr Fd
Showing a $0.34 per share profit which will effectively be a scratch – My View point has changed here and there is conflict over IF this still will move higher within the options lifespan – ie Im running out of time – take the small profits and run

LYB – LyondellBasell Ind N.V. ‘A’
Showing a $1.13 per share profit and 80% of the way to target 1 and seems to be struggling to move higher

LUV – Southwest Airlines
Showing $1.87 per share profit – having smashed targets 1 & 2

UAL – United Continental Hldgs Inc
Showing $2.92 per share profits – having smashed targets 1 & 2

DAL – Delta Airlines Inc
Showing $3.73 per share profits – having reached target 1


I think thats all for now

Happy Trading


What are you waiting for…?



Still need a little more help?

This is what you missed… (again)

This week You Missed

  • 11 Alerts
  • 1 voided

…and 1 has already been closed, after 2 days, for a small but health profit of $1.50 per share on the option & for approximately $2.26 move in the stock price from trigger to exit

That is, as the kids might say these days, AmazeBalls!

The rest of the alerts You Missed are showing modest gains

5 other stocks were closed this week from previous weeks alerts – (More on those stocks below)

…all 5 were sent out to my Premium Members well in advance of the market opening with specific trigger alerts, void levels and projected target levels

In other word WE knew exactly;

  • What we’re going to do
  • When we’re going to do it
  • Why we’re doing it
  • How we will profit

…for each stock Im interested in for that day PRIOR to the market opening

Oh – did I mention that I send out these alerts to ALL my Premium Members at the same time so it is easy to follow along…

…just like Andrew who sent me a lovely note telling me about his”…YHOO profit which totalled an Amazing $915 and CELG for $2100 in profits”


Alex sent me a message to say that 78% of the trades he has taken since starting have been profitable

[I have the screen shots of the conversations – for the naysayers… I also have more feedback comments and success than that I can shake a stick at since Ive been doing this which is since 2002]

Alan sent me a message to say he was up $156 on YUM


Richard, who spread bets, told me he is net up 340 points on stocks and if that was at £1 per point that is a nice tax free bonus to take to the bank (well done buddy)

As Im typing this on a lovely Saturday morning (9th July 16) The closed trades this week are;

  • RAI – Reynolds American = +23.1%
  • DISH – DISH Network = +5.7%
  • EXC – Exelon Corp = +84.5%
  • CIT – CIT Grp Inc = +36.8%
  • HLF – Herbalife Ltd = +30.9%

What are you waiting for…?

Consider this your personal invitation to start receiving my alerts every weekday

If you sign up any time on Saturday I will personally hop on a training call with you to ensure you get the most of the alerts based on your personal situation

It is exactly like having your own personal research team – only better

Stop thinking – Take Action Today

…It is reassuringly inexpensive

See you on the inside…

Happy Trading
Phil Newton


Still need a little more help?

Really, that’s all you do when trading?

It has taken me 22-yrs to understand this and it is one of the foundations of how I actively invest as well as many other professionals I know

The funny thing is that it takes 5-mins to learn it might take a little longer to understand it and after 22-yrs I know it better now than I did when I started out

It is also something I have been doing almost since I first started trading and looking back is one of the main reasons why I’m still “at it” all these years later

This is the core of my trading as well as what I teach my students

  1. Buy dips in up trend
  2. Sell rallies in down trend
  3. Buy range lows in a range
  4. Sell range highs in a range
  5. Buy break of range highs
  6. Sell break of range lows

These 6 points are why I can pick stocks that produce such spectacular returns and you can also get access to my alerts – which you can think of like your own personal research department – which all the hedge funds, institutions & professional have – why not you too?

I send out daily alerts outlining exactly what I’m trading and when I’m placing my own trades on which are sent out in a timely manor and are easy to follow

This simple Phil-osphy allowed us to close EXC yesterday for a small profit on a $2 stock move – this alert was sent out in real time and if you take a wee look at the chart it uses point 3 above

It is exactly like having your own personal research team

Stop thinking – Take Action Today

…It is reassuringly inexpensive

See you on the inside…

Happy Trading
Phil Newton


Still need a little more help?

Recession proof investing, It’s not what you think…

I see that headline bandied about quite a lot, far too much and mostly used as a scare tactic

Basically anything that doesnt involve buying something and closing your eyes for several years is recension proof

Taking an active interest in your own financial future and wellbeing is significantly better than “weathering the storm” because lets face it – if you live long enough “It will come back, won’t it?”

…unless it is something like Enron

Buying mutual funds seems like a “bright idea” right up to the point where getting screwed with “management fees” takes the wind out of your sail

The ONLY way to recession proof your investing it to take an active role – even if that active role is minimal you NEED to be doing it

Spend 30-mins per day or just 30-mins per week if you are pressed for time. But you have to be doing something

It is the only way

…Don’t have time?

Not sure where to start?

Not a problem – use your own outsourced research team to do all the heavy lifting for you

Have the finest freshest alerts delivered to you daily

It is exactly like having your own personal research team

Stop thinking – Take Action Today

…It is reassuringly inexpensive

See you on the inside…

Happy Trading
Phil Newton


Still need a little more help?

What’s wrong with you?

How many time have you meant to do something but simply put it off?

It started back in school for most, then carried on through the teen years until eventually making excuses for why you didnt do something so simple and innocuous it boarders on the ridiculous

It is the same when it comes to “putting the trade on”

There is always a reason why you never put it on

What is your excuse…?

  • You dog ate your research?
  • Maybe martians landed and gave you a full frontal lobotomy
  • Perhaps there was a “Y” in the day
  • Just waiting for confirmation… (you back tested that did you?)
  • Just one more bar to develop, then I’ll put the trade on
  • I’ll wait for the next pullback to develop (what is wrong with the one that you have in front of you right now?)
  • The news is out shortly (does that news really matter? and define “shortly”)
  • The point is that there is always a reason but the best one I heard this week for not actively trading and looking after their own financial future was this…

…and I quote

“Im an expert in many technical trading aspects and patterns and I know at least 10 good patterns to use, perhaps that is why I cant find anything to trade. They interfere with the one method you have taught me
I kid you not, my dear and adoring reader”

This is someone who is turning his charts on and hoping to magically have trades jump in front of him like frolicking unicorns

…and is wondering – NAY, complaining about how difficult it is to find potential stocks to trade

Maybe he needs to actually look for them – just a thought

Now I do advocate using your time efficiently and wisely if you are DIY’ing the stock selection process and to keep it under 60-mins

I also suggest using a time tested and proven strategy 5 strategies (actually Ive just added a new one this week so 6 scans and not just the 1 scan as the cant do chap above said)

All of them take just a few moments to put into practice and they all put a few potential stocks in front of you to check every day and when you get good at it you can bring your time at the desk down to maybe 30-mins a day if you chose to

But, you have to click a few buttons to make it happen – Click, click & pick

I lay out 80% of what I do step-by-step so you can follow along if you DIY it and many people do it very successfully

But you have to push the buttons and more importantly not have a stupid fricking excuse as to why you skipped out on improving your life and general stock in life again today – this ain’t school and yer momma aint coming to your rescue

I get that life does happen and there are genuine reasons why you cant do something and have to postpone – I get that more than most as I have Crohn’s disease which is a regular struggle

Those times where “life gets in the way” – Im ok with

But do not lie to yourself and make excuses – click the buttons – put the trades on and do the work

Now that is off my chest

If you would like me to do the heavy lifting and do the scans for you and let you know what Im trading every day so you can follow along without the heavy 60-mins a day time commitment and get straight to the 5-10 mins part of popping the trades on…

Sign up for my daily Premium Alerts

This week I closed several options trades

  • BA = 6.4%
  • ADM = 84.5%
  • CIEN = 239.5%
  • GE = 70.9%
  • AXP = 150.2%
  • TJX = 41.8%
  • GIS = 216.5%
  • TXT = 38.4%

For reference – there are losses and the typically get reposted on nearer to expiration day but like BA listed above we often get a chance to manage the trades more effectively with options – BA was a loss but managed to a small winner – awesomeness, eh!

I’ll be doing my weekly charts review and sending out what is looking like a very large and juicy list of potential candidates ready for next week

I would hate for you to miss out as these weekly patterns are usually exceptionally powerful

Rob didn’t miss out and sent me this earlier in the week

Hello Phil and firstly, thanks, steering the ship through murky waters takes nerves.

The reason for “hitting reply” is simply, excellent work, coming to my first month my account is up 75% on my starting capital.

See you on the inside…
Happy Trading
Phil Newton


Still need a little more help?

Ramirez was a fool . . .

…and he lost his head for it

Just like every current idiot out there stressing over Brexit this and Brexit that and “lets re-vote” or “can we have a do-over”

Everyone is losing their heads, are you?

If you have been following me for any small period of time you will know that Ive been bearish on the indexes and going in to the Brexit thing I was around 85% bearish in my portfolio

I neither know nor care what the outcome would be or will be (at least from a trading view point)

The news will, most of the time, speed up what was happening any way so what is the point of stressing over maybe I would rather trade my plan and be done with the whole debacle

The strategy had me bearish – thats all that matters

…and yes Brexit is important – I get it – but lets leave our political view point aside for a moment and if or how much of a stupid idea staying in or coming out would be …at least, just for a wee while

  • The markets have not crashed
  • The end of the world is not neigh
  • The 4-horsemen of the apocalypse are not charging over the horizon
  • Let us not lose our heads over it

…because it does not matter at all

I pick my stocks and I get bullish or bearish depending on what my very well tried and exceedingly well tested strategy tells me to do and then I pop my trades on send out alerts to the premium members and go have some fun

What I am not doing is banging on about Brexit

[tumbleweed moment]

OK – might be too late to say that Im not banging on about it after Ive been, well, banging on about it

Anyways – I saw an old buddy of mine was banging on about how his ISA had lost 30% because of Brexit – I say he should learn how to pick better stocks and stop whinging

What was I doing?

Of course I was putting trades on and taking profits according to my strategy

Yesterday the premium alerts closed another 4 options positions

BA – $0.19 = 6% – managed a loss back to break even
ADM – $0.82 = 84% gain
CIEN – $1.94 = 243.9% gain
AXP – $2.93 = 150.3% gain
Don’t lose your head – Get a head start with our premium alerts…

3 new alerts were sent out today all are showing some early profits with the market advancing go and take a look at RAI – TJX – GIS

Will you be in time for the next moves?

These alerts go out in real time


See you on the inside…
Happy Trading
Phil Newton


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