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Keep Your Money

Ahoy there, Its Phil

If it’s your last dollar – keep it because I don’t want it

From time to time I get people asking me the “if Im so good…” type of questions

You know the ones;

  • If your so good why dont you just trade?
  • If your so good why do you teach?
  • If your so good why dont you just give it away?

Ive done all of those things and more.

The interesting thing is that over the last 15 years of being a stock market mentor and teaching people how to be successful traders that last question is the tricky one. Continue reading . . .

Trading The Foxtrot: Slow Slow Quick Quick Slow

Ahoy there, Its Phil

One of the big problems with trading the stock market, or any market you like, is the waiting.

There is a heck of a lot of waiting around for things to happen, develop, generate and generally giddy-up.

Problems that this can cause is boredom and over trading because lets face it most people and especially new traders think that trading is clicking the mouse a lot of times in quick succession. Continue reading . . .

The #1 guide to trading with trendlines (with examples)

This is how NOT to draw trend lines correctly

Before looking at how to draw a trendline for trading stocks, we must first consider how not to draw trend lines.

Mistake #1

Firstly, any two point of reference can be connected to create a trendline.

While it is true that technically you do have a trendline bit simply Connecting any two points does not mean that you have a tradable trendline.

You can see on this chart below that if you can easily connect any two swing highs or swing lows (see the price action article for more price action information) Continue reading . . .

How do you find the best stock tips for tomorrow?

Back in the mid early to mid 90’s I was asking myself which stocks I should buy tomorrow? or what shares to buy now?

The funny thing about that is that I was searching for the answer to that question before I knew what the questions was.

Just like you, I would read and reread 1100 page books on technical analysis like Schwager on futures and McMillan on options. These are huge books full of dry information.

I remember this well, I was half way through Schwager on futures on a quiet sunny Sunday morning while working at Blockbuster video (remember them? I got in to this really early on hand drawing charts at 16, “Blocky” was my part time job at the time while I was at university).

Anyway, part way through I asked myself this very question; Continue reading . . .

Is It Time You Hung Up Your Trading Hat?

Ahoy there, Its Phil…

What if I were to tell you that this trading lark is not for you?

Image that!

Could it be that there is a small list of things you suck at and that this trading thing is one of them AND that you had better stop doing it before you send you and your family to the poor house?

Harsher words have never been said and Ive sadly had to say them to a few people as what I considered the best thing for them to do.

Ive met and spoken with several people over the years who have been trying to “crack it” for 5-yrs 10-yrs and some have been on a lifelong journey for 20+ years with mixed results.

Now that is one expensive hobby if you havent made it after that many years.

Now consider why they failed… Continue reading . . .

My EXACT formula to dominate your trading

What if I told you that the world class success you see some others experiencing in stock selection really comes down to AVOIDING a sinister myth that’s been floating about for years?

Would you be interested in knowing what it is?

It’s the misconception that you must always flick through chart after chart all day every day.

In the stock selection inner circles, you can “zoom into todays hot opportunity in just 2-clicks of the mouse.” I call this click ‘n pick stock selection

Buying into click ‘n pick can accelerate you pretty quickly.

So, if you’re feeling gutted or bitter concerning your stock selection progress, be sure to see if the lack of click ‘n pick stock selection has been working against you.

It really can be a destructive force as you move toward realising when it’s a today trade or a come back tomorrow trade.

Where did it come from? Continue reading . . .

The Big Money Is Made In The Waiting

Ahoy there, Its Phil…

The indexes are a wee bit dull to start the week off with. Which is also emphasised by the mixed directions and lack lustre moves by my small universe of liquid stocks

That said, everything seems to be moving (mostly) in the right direction.

Giving the last minute market excitement after a dull week last week I might have thought there would be a little flurry of excitement to start the week off… but no, not to be!

Ah well, this trading game is and never was fast paced and despite what all the flyers say. This is and always was a waiting game.

Im reminded of a line from Reminiscences of a stock operator; Continue reading . . .

How High Is Too High?

Ahoy there, Its Phil…

Before we get going […You can see todays stock selection video here…]

Can these markets only ever go up?

Is it too late to buy? It’s never to later to buy, but will you be lest holding the bag when the music stops?

It is hard to deny that when the markets are going up you should be bullish.

At least for a short while.

But, as W.D. Gann said in my rather bastardised quote;

Always be prepared to change your mind

DIA looks like it is going to push higher once again and may well hit the heady heights of $215-$218 levels based on short term targeting (see image)

Pattern #4 flagged up for me this morning when I ran my scans which suggests that prices may well pop higher… but then 8yrs of “going higher” this isn’t really anything magical.

What is the trick of it is timing these moves. 😉

Happy Trading
Creator of AntiVestor System

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I was wrong . . .

Ahoy there, Its Phil…

I remember back when I first tried to grow my trading account. I made some serious mistakes.

And if you’re attempting to dominate your trading, you might be making similar mistakes, like…

  • –> trying to uncover some hidden talent the top few have
  • –> controlling slippage
  • –> not choosing highly liquid markets

But you know what?

There’s actually a “right” way to get the job done…one that can also help you get free time back and accept losses like a zen master at the same time.

Here’s an effective technique you should try: Look back over the last 12-months (or 200 bars) and only trade in the direction of the dominant direction. This is what we do when selecting our picks for the AntiVestor Daily Alerts.

You might be surprised at how your accuracy AND your P/L ratio improves

Maybe this is going to be very different from what you do now. I don’t know.

But down the road, I know you’ll thank me.

You know, applying just this one tip – one of dozens found within AntiVestor System, really opened up the stock selection world for a lot of my customers.

I received this feedback just the other day:

“ account is showing a nice 15% profit to date. Thank you” – Mike, AntiVestor Subscriber

Now, this is just one of the many nuggets, I’ve discovered. Stay tuned for more, or feel free to check out AntiVestor System.


Let me know how it goes for you

Until then, happy trading


Creator of the AntiVestor system

AntiVestor Trend Alerts

Investor OR Speculator; Which one are you…?

I was reading an article about Investing versus Speculating and I could not help but thing to myself

“Self, are these not one and the same?”

The act of investing is defined as the purchase of goods (stock in our situation) that are not consumed today but will be sold at a higher price at some point in the future

The idea is that the asset will provide an income or will be sold at a higher price at some point in the future

Speculation on the other hand is defined as taking advantage of fluctuations in market movements and is typically high risk

Surely the active of investing is speculation in itself and anyone who doesnt know how to remove risk in their trading shouldnt be trading

I simply cant see a difference

You invest in a plot of land hoping to see the value increase – a fluctuation in market prices, no? aka speculation

I also do not believe there is such a thing as high risk these days. Yes there are certainly high risk products or investment ideas (there’s that word again)


Combining different products to hedge or cap risk is widely available with the plethora of products available makes high risk irrelevant – there is only stupidity or ignorance when it comes to risk

Perhaps it is time to define a new generation of activity which Ive been calling “Active Investing” and start taking the stigma away from speculation as being high risk


That is all

Happy Trading


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